About My Paintings

My abstract paintings are inspired by the Bible and biblical theology. My goal is to illustrate both well-known and lesser-known verses and entire stories from all of the Scriptures. 

The paintings are created on a computer using graphic vector software. However, nothing is generated automatically as I refuse to make use of any but the most basic of drawing tools within the software, preferring that every shape is painstakingly drawn by hand, which of course means it can take weeks to complete a single work.

There is always some symbolism and mathematics behind every one of my images. The paintings themselves are made using a method that I invented and are the result of the blending of at least seven similar (or dissimilar) images.

In line with my ideas about the sharing of art, all paintings are available as signed and numbered limited edition prints (until sold out) and downloadable files. Files of 1500×1500 pixels are free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

Limited edition prints are available to buy on this website as well as on Saatchi Art, Zatista and Art Finder.


About Me

I was born and I grew up in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and studied theology at Charles University. Despite having no formal art education, I was a fine art photographer for a number of years. At first, as I was living by the sea in the United Kingdom, I majored on seaside photography, gradually switching over time to more abstract photography and then finally making a move towards abstract digital paintings.

All my paintings are inspired by biblical texts but I believe they also have something to say about the real world. I don’t provide explanations or a rationale for my paintings, as in my opinion, the goal of abstract art is to allow an audience to understand and appreciate paintings without the need for detailed explanations from the artist.

I live in Prague with my wife and two children and am working for a Christian based blind charity. David Wojkowicz is the pseudonym I use for my abstract paintings.